258th Military Police Brigade, A-1-416

258th Military Police Brigade, A-1-416

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia


On a blue irregularly shaped heptagon shield within a 1/8 inch (.32 cm) white border 3 1/8 inches (7.94 cm) in height and width overall, the upper side with 2 separated concave arcs, a white machete placed diagonally, the handle in upper right, and the blade, edge to base, enwrapped three times by a white snake (bushmaster), head raised to left and facing front, tongue forked and with blue eyes, and tip of tail extending horizontally to right.


The deadly bushmaster snake is native to the jungles of Central America and coiled around a machete, is symbolic of service in the Canal Zone.  The blue background signifies the original unit designation of Infantry.


The shoulder sleeve insignia was originally approved for the 258th Infantry Brigade on 30 March 1966.  It was redesignated for the 258th Military Police Brigade on 24 September 1968.  The insignia was redesignated effective 1 September 2010, for the 158th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade and amended to update the description and add a symbolism.  (TIOH Dwg. No. A-1-416)

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