46th Military Police Command, A-1-903

46th Military Police Command, A-1-903


On a hexagon shield-shaped embroidered device 3 1/16 inches (7.78 cm) in height and 2 1/2 inches (6.35 cm) in width overall, blazoned: Vert, a double warded key bendwise wards to chief, the handle displaying a hexagon void of the field and charged with a bend, double cottised Or, all within a bordure of the last.


Green and yellow are the branch colors associated with the Military Police Corps. The key is a symbol of providing security and the double wards are in the shape of the roman numerals four and six and represent the unit's numerical designation. The double cottise contains four diagonal lines and combined with the six sided hexagonal shape refer to the unit's numerical designation of forty-six.


The shoulder sleeve insignia was approved on 21 November 2006.

(TIOH Drawing Number A-1-903)

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