94th Infantry Division, A-1-141

94th Infantry Division, A-1-141

On a disc divided bend sinister silver gray and black fimbriated silver gray, all edged with a 1/8 inch (.32cm) black border, a black Arabic numeral "9" on the silver gray and a silver gray Arabic numeral "4" on the black. The diameter is 2 1/2 inches (6.35cm).
Symbolism The insignia represents the numerical designation of the unit.

Background The history of the shoulder sleeve insignia authorized for the U.S. Army Regional Support Command is as follows: - A design featuring a Native American with bow and arrow was authorized for the 94th Division on 21 July 1922. - The above design was superseded by approval of the design of a Puritan carrying a blunderbuss on his shoulder on 6 September 1923. - The above approval was amended to change the wording of the description on 22 December 1923. - The Puritan design was superseded by design featuring the Arabic numerals "9" and "4" on 5 September 1942. - The "9/4" design was rescinded (cancelled) on 14 May 1956. The same letter reinstated the Puritan shoulder sleeve insignia, with a minor change in the design, for the 94th Infantry Division. - The Puritan design was redesignated for the 94th Command Headquarters (Divisional) on 16 October 1963. - The Puritan design was authorized for the 94th U.S. Army Reserve Command on 22 April 1968. - The Puritan design was rescinded (cancelled) on 27 November 1991. The same letter reinstated the "9/4" design. - The insignia was redesignated effective 16 July 2003, for the U.S. Army 94th Regional Readiness Command. - The insignia was redesignated effective 16 September 2009, for the 94th Training Division. 

(TIOH Dwg. No. A-1-141)

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