Joint Communications Support Element, 5th Joint Communications Squadron (JCS), A-4-Not Under TIOH

JCSE is a Joint Command consisting of a Headquarters Support Squadron (HSS) and Communications Support Detachment (CSD) three active squadrons, two Air National Guard squadrons, one Army Reserve Squadron, and a Joint Reserve Squadron.

The three active squadrons, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Joint Communications Squadron (JCS) as well as HSS and CSD are all headquartered at MacDill AFB, near Tampa Florida.

The Army Reserve Squadron or 4th JCS is also headquartered at MacDill AFB.

The Air National Guard Squadrons are part of the Florida and Georgia Air Guard:

The 290th Joint Communications Support Squadron (JCSS) is from the Florida Air Guard, and is headquartered at MacDill AFB.

The 224th JCSS is from the Georgia Air Guard and is headquartered at Brunswick Georgia.